Rick and Michonne are my two favorite people, and Danai (and Andy) are my two favorite people.” The Walking DeadChief Content Officer Scott M. GimpleIn a statement. The dream of working with each one continues to come true. With a stellar team of TWD all-stars and amazing new voices, the three of us are creating an epic love story worth the wait.

Lincoln said that he wanted more time with his family when he quit the show.

He said, “I have 2 young children and live in another country. They become less mobile as they age.” Entertainment WeeklyAfter his departure. It was as simple as that. It was the right time to return home.” 

But now he’s back—and ready to tell the rest of the story.

Lincoln released a statement saying that it was an extraordinary experience playing Rick Grimes over the past ten years. “The friendships and memories I made along this journey have been deep and lasting. It’s fitting that Danai, Scott, and all of them can complete my story. TWD family.”

Gurira agreed with her co-star and said in a statement: “Michonne, this!” TWDMy family is so important to me. I want to keep the story of Scott, Andy and their beloved characters alive, creatively as well as in front of the camera. The Walking DeadFans will find something special. “I can’t wait for the katana to be picked up again.”