A year after their devastating loss, CNN’s Andrew KaczynskiAnd The Wall Street Journal‘s Rachel EnsignWe are proud to announce the birth of a girl. 

Instagram followers were invited to meet “the newest addition of our family,” the daughter. Talia Davida KaczynskiOn Jan. 29, just two days following her birth, she died. Talia was named for her sister, as explained by her parents. FrancescaBeans, her nickname. Kaczynski stated that Beans, her Hebrew big sister Beans, was the name she gave her. We love her unconditionally.

A journalist shared an assortment of photos on social media in just one posting. side-by-side photosTalia and Francesca. Kaczynski posted, “We love that she looks so much like the big sister she was named after,” and later added, “Thanks for all your kind wishes.” It fills my heart to know she is Beans’ sibling.

He said it all in an Instagram separate post: “Whenever I think about Beans, I look at Tallia. And I’m so filled with love and gratitude for how fortunate I am, and how fleeting and precious life can be. “I feel a sense of joy that I’ve not felt for so many years.”