Who was the player Mark Zuckerberg’s best friend better? Andrew Garfield seems to think it wasn’t him. 

It Boom Boom Tick! star joked in a BBC Radio 1 interview that he found Dylan O’BrienThis is his impression of the iconic scene. It Social Network His performance in 2010 film was superior. 

Dylan’s best performance as Andrew in character is shown May 2020 Eduardo SaverinIn a parody clip of one famous scene, Eduardo confronts Mark regarding lowering his Facebook shares.

Andrew smiled when asked whether he believed he had been outgunned or outshot by Dylan. He said that the “just as good” look-alike was just as good. 

He said, “And more handsomer.” 

The viral video was created by friends Sarah RamosDylan just before the COVID-19 pandemic. These two people happened to meet through an accident. Max MinghellaThis is The Social NetworkWho suggested that reenacting films while quarantined was a good idea? Insider.