As it turns out, Just Like That… Writers don’t hate. David Eigenberg.

After the latest episode of HBO Max, the writer Roxane Gay questioned on Twitter, “On Just like thatDo they really hate Steve’s actor? He has not had a good scene. His voice is distorted and he just walks about shouting out absolute absurdity. It’s bizarre. He was simply so charming.”

Gay was not the only one to criticize the treatment Gay received from the series of fathers, played by David Eigenberg. An additional Twitter user commented, “Just like thatSteve so filthy GOOD LORD”, and the person replied, “Not a fan most of these decisions on Just like that…, but I really hate what’s happened to Steve.”

Show writers, however Julie Rottenberg Elisa ZuritskySend an email Vanity Fair Steve’s tragic story is not driven by hatred. Zuritsky counters that Steve’s sad story is not motivated by spite. “Everyone, every person on the show, loves David Eigenberg, as a human being.”

They put Steve (Eigenberg), and his perpetually miserable wife Miranda, through hell.Cynthia Nixon), cheat on him with Che Diaz (Sara Ramirez) while he remains blissfully—or naively—unaware, in addition to giving him hearing loss? Well, Rottenberg and Zuritsky say that it’s not about him—it’s about Miranda.