Now, we have completed this entire season. It’s Just Like That …, we couldn’t help but wonder: Where the heck was Aidan?!
Because, back in April, John Corbett—who played the romantic rival to Mr. Big (Chris Noth(in the original Sex and the City series—revealed that he would indeed return to the HBO Max reboot. “I’m going to do the show,” he told Page SixHe said that the news was very exciting for him.
He is the exception. didn’tYou will be invited to appear on the show. In fact, the show’s writing team revealed that (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Aidan were never destined to cross paths any time soon.

Writer: “John Corbett should write personal apology notes.” Julie Rottenberg joked in an interview with Deadline, noting the team “didn’t say anything” about a potential cameo.

But, it’s the creator who created the show. Michael Patrick KingCarrie’s exclusion was clarifiedCould still be considered relevant—just not in this next chapter.