Expect to feel speechless.

Netflix releases the official trailer BlondeDirection by Andrew Dominik and starring Ana de Armas as the late screen legend Marilyn MonroeOn July 28, The mostly black and white preview offers a look at the story of Norma JeaneHe was an icon Hollywood star thanks to his roles in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes It is hot to some However, her stardom surpassed that of her movie career.

The trailer features Ana’s Marilyn speaking to The Athlete (a.k.a. Joe DiMaggio (Bobby CannavaleHer second husband (Mr. She says in a deep voice, “I understand you have to be used to it.” “But I can’t.”

Actress is seen trying to move through crowds of paparazzi. Her blonde hair gets messy, and her clothes get snatched by people. It seems like too much pressure, so she starts screaming and scratching her face. Joe listens to her explain that she has grown tired of the role, and she says she can’t bear another scene with Marilyn Monroe.