Television’s most memorable ‘do.

Of course we are referring to Jennifer AnistonThis is the “Rachel” signature style of hair. Friends. This haircut quickly became an iconic character. So, with the superstar turning 53 Feb. 11, we felt it was only right to take a closer look at “The Rachel” and her other notable hair moments on the popular sitcom.

Did you know, for starters that Rachel Green’s character Jennifer didn’t love the iconic haircut? It was 2014 back then. The Morning Show star told ABC News that the look was “one of the hardest hairstyles to maintain.”

She explained that she was not meant to be with the hairbrush and blow dryer. She said, “It was actually a ‘hairdo.

Jennifer remains a big fan of the hairstylist. Chris McMillanIt was Chris who invents the style. Chris would do my hair, and I would love it. It would look amazing,” she said at the time. It wouldn’t look as good if I left it to my own devices.