It is an important matter that will determine the fate of your family business.

Raquel “Raq” Thomas (Patina MillerKanan Stark’s son is served by his father (MeKai Curtis) to take over her criminal empire—he’s just not sure he wants it—in this exclusive look at the trailer for season two of Power Book III: Raising KananSTARZ Premiere Aug. 14, 2008

Kanan is reaching an age where it’s important to begin figuring out your goals for the future. Raq informs Kanan in the trailer that Raq “is making his mark” on the world.

Kanan was expelled from Queens at the close of Season 1. But now, he is back, and his mother holds the reins of Queens’ drug trafficking. 

Raq tells Kanan that Kanan doesn’t have the right skills to run it. Raq pushes back and says, “I am aware of who my son really is, I also know his potential.”

Kanan, however, is not averse to Raq’s reservations. He said, “I cannot protect you in the way I thought I could Mom.”