Don’t forget your one-pieces! We are about to go even further. Pamela Anderson content!

It was revealed that the documentary on the former would be released March 2nd. BaywatchStar would only be heading to Netflix

Described as the “definitive documentary” about the pop culture icon, Anderson helped break the news with a post on Instagram, which read: “My life/A thousand imperfections/A million misperceptions/wicked, wild and lost/Nothing to live up to/I can only surprise you/Not a victim, but a survivor/& alive to tell the real story.”

Netflix claims that the film is in preproduction for over a decade. 

Direction by Ryan WhiteThis is the home to Netflix. The KeepersDocumentary RuthThe unnamed doc will satisfy both curious and passionate lookie-loos.

It is not yet known when the documentary will premiere.