American Horror StoriesYou are back in your nightmares

This is the first teaser. Die-O-RamaFor season 2 of The Animated Series, American Horror Story spin-off, coming to FX on Hulu July 21, will probably make you sleep with the lights on tonight.

While The ChordettesAs “Mr. Sandman”, plays, an unsettling dollhouse is brought into focus. The giant human doll then injects another similarity. Alice in WonderlandThe Red Queen of the Red Sea with her huge needle. Or does the needle? And the doll wakes up and tries to choke each other. 

This is a frightening start.

A doll wearing a wedding dress tears off another doll’s arm and forces her to fall down a different room. It’s a bit like a Bridezilla. 

In another room, dolls dressed in various costumes—think maids and ballerinas—congregate. You can also see an unidentified man tethered to a corner chair.

Teaser ends with a boy wearing a suit riding on a tricycle, causing a doll to crash onto a platform.