We have big plans Amber Ruffin Show.

CelebHomes News received an interview with the Peacock host on late-night talk shows. Daily Pop what fans can expect from the series’ latest batch of episodes—the first of which drops June 17—including a major change to the show’s typical format.

You know what we’ve started to do?” We’ve started to have guests,” Amber told hosts Justin SylvesterAnd Loni In loveOn June 13, On Friday, June 13, we will have the best, most bizarre surprise. It will be amazing. That’s what I can confirm.”

Ruffin acknowledged that while she can’t reveal the future, the host couldn’t help but mention how much she is spoiled by the show’s creative staff for their tolerance of her crazy ideas.

“I am like, ‘Hey! “I would love to be dressed like a dinosaur,” they replied. She said, “We’ll send you a dinosaur costume ,”’.” You can do whatever you want over there. It would be called wildly unsupervised. It would be called “wildly unsupervised.”