Amber Portwood After her death, she wrote a note to express condolences. Andrew GlennonTheir son was given custody to her James.

“I’ve lived in a hell for so long trying to prove myself,” says the author. Teen momIn an Instagram posting dated July 28, star said the following: Star wrote, “I would not wish this unbearable suffering on any mother nor father.”

Andrew was granted sole legal and primary bodily custody for James at age four. He also has the right to transfer James to California according to court papers obtained by The Sun. Andrew will still need to “seek” Amber’s advice before “any major decisions about James’ health, education, or religion.

Amber received overnight visitation from James. It will be held alternately in Indiana and California every month, according to the outlet.

Andrew shared his views on the Indiana court decision. CelebHomes News exclusive: “We lived through the nightmare.” Now we can live the dream.”