Depp shared his reactions to the judgment on his Instagram and Facebook pages, as well as his thoughts.

Part of his statement was, “Falsely very serious and criminal accusations were levied against me via media, which triggered a barrage in hateful content. However, no charges have ever been brought against me.” The virus had traveled the globe twice in a matter of seconds and had an enormous impact on me and my career.

Depp added later that the reason he brought the case against him was to “tell the truth” regardless of how it would end.

A June 2 appearance TodayHeard’s attorney Elaine BredehoftShe stated that the client had been “demonized” in the widely publicized trial.

Bredehoft stated that Heard plans to appeal against the June 1 verdict.

CelebHomes News reached Depp’s representative for comments but did not hear back.