Heard denied the notion that she claimed her allegations were “hoaxes.” Heard said that she initially didn’t cooperate with police because she was “not wanting this information to be known” about Depp and her relationship. She said, “I did not want him to be in trouble.” It could have been a hoax. 

Heard eventually filed a temporary restraint order against her ex husband, whom she had been married to almost two years.

She stated, “I took the decision to defend myself and stand up for my rights.” “In private you can’t get any restraining order, and I wasn’t able to comprehend the moment when the police were called.”

You can find the TodayInterview, Heard denied that she had ever tipped off TMZ regarding her appearance in Los Angeles to get the restraining orders. Heard stated, however, that it was “nothing to do with” him. During the trial, a former TMZ producer said that the publication was notified of Heard’s appearance ahead of time and that she would have facial bruising.   

Guthrie was asked by Heard why there wasn’t bruising after Depp’s alleged encounters. Heard replied, “Again it’s that, if your have bruising and if injuries, it is fake.” You weren’t hurt if there isn’t any.

In the end, a Virginia jury awarded $10 million to Depp in compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive damages. Fairfax County Circuit Court Judge Penney Azcarate The punitive damages were later reduced to $350,000 by the state, the statutory limit or legal limit. This made his damages total $10.4 million. 

Heard was also awarded compensatory damages of $2 million.

Heard now revealed her plans for telling her 14-month old daughter, following the verdict OonaghAbout the possibility of a future trial.

Heard declared, “I did right by my country.” “I stood up for my truth and myself. I did everything that was possible.” 

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