Want to see what Amazon buyers think about the repair balm? These reviews will help you decide.

“Guys my feet transformed so quickly in just over a month that it’s something I haven’t experienced in 10 years. Although I am only 30 years old, I have had issues with my feet ever since I was a teenager. They have always made me feel insecure. My feet were like sheets of paper! There are so many products I have tried that I can’t keep track! They all failed to deliver. Was a waste of time, money, and hope. I have my feet back with this product. Now I no longer have to wear socks everywhere! I won’t buy any other product! It’s great that there are no nasty creams I have to rub on my feet. I love the large chapstick type tube because of this.”

“It softened my heels and didn’t cause them to look cracked or dry.”

“Amazing! A deep crack was found in my left foot that caused me pain and several other problems that made it look disgusting. In the first week, it worked much better than I anticipated. I take great care of my feet. The dry, cracked heels that I get from wearing sandals year round have resisted the effects of years upon years of pedicures. They didn’t heal the crackeds, so I don’t know. “This Dr. Scholl’s balm does more than just remove dry skin.

This balm is amazing! My heels were so badly cracked that pedicure grating wasn’t working anymore. The first time I used the balm, my heels looked much better. The balm was so good that I put on socks after it had dried. My cracks had closed after about one week and my heels felt smooth. Anyone with rough feet or heels would love this!

“I bought this for an ‘Oh, I suppose we’ll have to see if it works’ gift and was amazed. It’s been less than one week since I started using it and the difference has already begun to show. The ease of application and love the tube. The smell is amazing. Overall fantastic!”