Are you curious to see what other Amazon shoppers have to say about The Clean Ball. The following reviews are available.

“Very shocked! This thing kept popping up everywhere, so I tried it. It worked! The bag is empty, I throw it in and it works. The ball sticks to all the dust and crumbs. The ball is easy to wash. You can just run the thing under water. This thing is amazing! Glad that I tried it.

This product has exactly what I was looking for. This product does what it promises. All the hair, dog hair, and lint that is floating about your bag are captured! Just as it was stated, works well. Recommend.”

This little device was discovered by me through a TikTok clip. I thought it would be worth a shot. I keep snacks in my purse. Even though I keep them sealed I still end up with micro-crumbs. The moment I received the ball I immediately put it in my bag. Within a few days it was time to wash it. Because it is so small, this ball holds up well. Pro tip: To open it, squeeze the thick ring around the middle and it should pop apart pretty easily. You can rinse off any sticky bits with water and then put the item back together. Let it dry in the sun for at least two hours. You are as good and new!

I bought it after seeing it on a TikTok clip and it fits perfectly in my handbag. It is a great invention.

It’s amazing. It’s washable and picks up all the crumbs at the bottom of my purse — trust, there are many. Friends have recommended it to me.”

These are the best. These bags collect dirt and dust and clean everything. It’s small enough to be easy to clean.

“These products are what I look at and think, “Why haven’t you thought of that?” It’s amazing. Perfect size. Simply place it inside and the job is done. This is so adorable and amazing!