You will have the feeling of having a private masseuse massaging your neck, shoulders and neck by slicing through this neck massager. It doesn’t require you to be still in order for the massager to work. Your computer can be moved around and you can continue typing (i.e. This is ideal for those who work from home. There are three speed options and eight deep-kneading points, making it easy to choose the best combination of stress release and relaxation. 

Amazon’s 10,100+ 5 star reviews have given this massager a 4.5-star rating. One customer wrote, “I bought it because I’m in the IT industry and like to play a lot. The massager is wonderful. Because this massager works better than any massage therapist, I’ll be able to save money on massages. It is so great that I purchased another to give it to my wife.

One person said, “I love my massager.” This massager is amazing! I even bought it for my sister, and one for my cousin. One was even purchased for my mother. I tried other brands, but none of them lived up to their claims. It works! This helped my sister recover from a car accident. This has been a huge help for me. I’ve had severe pains in my leg, sciatic area, back and lower back from injuries. The heat option is my favorite. It’s versatile and I can control the direction of my guidance. This is not just for your back or shoulders.