Amanda Knox is officially a mom—and has been for months.

The New York Times reports that the podcaster wanted to keep the arrival her daughter Eureka Muse Knox – Robinson under wraps for the sake of privacy. Author Jessica Bennet writes that Amanda was worried about the headlines the birth would cause, with the new mom telling her, “I’m still nervous about the paparazzi bounty on [my daughter’s] head.”

Now that Amanda and her husband know the truth, they can get married. Christopher Robinson, who wed in 2018, are relieved. The 34-year old author says, “I will say that I’m happy to not have to pretend not to be mom.” “Cause it is like, my brain just exists.”

The NYT spoke to Amanda about her pregnancy and the 10th anniversary of her release from an Italian prison. Amanda was wrongfully convicted in 2009 for the murder of her British roommate. Meredith Kercher‘s murder and her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito.