Amanda BynesSocial media is back.

The former Nickelodeon star has returned to Instagram with a new account, @amanda.bynes1986. Two weeks ago, after she filed legal action to terminate her nine-year conservatorship, her fan addressed her. 

“What’s up, Instagram? Amanda Bynes here,” she said a selfie video posted on March 7. “My court date is in just two weeks. Your love and support are greatly appreciated. All the best.

Amanda (35), tagged multiple media outlets in the caption of this post, including CelebHomes News.

In late February, Amanda filed to terminate her conservatorship, which has been managed by her mother Lynn BynesIt was established for the first time in 2013 The time was 2013. HairsprayFollowing legal and personal problems, the actress had to be admitted for 5150 hours in a psychiatric hospital.

Her mother has stated that she is optimistic about her daughter’s future. 

Lynn, Lynn’s lawyer said that Amanda is so proud of her achievements over the past few years. She is also excited for the next chapter of Amanda’s story. Tamar Arminak told CelebHomes News last month. Amanda supports Amanda’s petition and Amanda’s incredible progress in ending the conservatorship.