This girl just wants people to see why she lights up her Instas in this way.

Amanda Bynes has stared in some of Hollywood’s hottest films, including It’s easy to do, Hairspray The Girl She Wants, but on March 13, the 35-year-old actress took to Instagram to reveal one particularly harsh note she once got from a director.

She explained that she doesn’t look good in paparazzi photos because she’s squinting in sunlight. My videos and photographs are taken in flattering light or outdoors, so the sun is not too harsh on my skin.

“I did once do a movie in which the director said to me that under certain lights I would look like a monstrous.”

In the video, Amanda showed off glowing skin, groomed eyebrows and pouty lips. Along with a black graphic T-shirt, the Nickelodeon alum sported a septum piercing and her now-signature facial heart tattoo, which she recently explained she is in the process of removing.