Alyssa Scott is sending a message to her and Nick Cannon“Son” ZenTwo months later, he died in a heartbreaking accident.

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, the model shared images of her baby boy, who passed away at just 5 months old after battling brain cancer. Alyssa started her February 13th Instagram post with the words “I can picture us filling out cards for your classmates” All signed in your handwriting. You know what it would read: Zen, love. Your tiny little hand writes every letter.

It is your voice that I often remember. She continued, “The sound of your saying “I love you mom” Words that I won’t hear but still feel today.” Zen, I know that you love me. You’re everywhere. You are everywhere. If I see children laughing, it is because I can hear them giggle. “You are always there.”

Alyssa wrote that if she had one wish, it would be to hold her baby boy again. She said, “I’m sure everything around me will stand still.” It would just be you and I. You were the last person I spoke to. This will continue to ring true till the end.