Charmed, the supernatural series that debuted in 1998 on The WB, originally starred Milano, Doherty and Holly Marie Combsas a trio consisting of three witch sisters. However, as season three came to a close in 2001, Doherty, who played oldest Halliwell sister Prue, was killed off of the show. What was the reason? Doherty stated this in an interview with ETFollowing her departure, “there was too many drama on the set and too little passion for the job.”

Doherty was eventually taken over by Rose McGowan, who portrayed Halliwell half-sister Paige Matthews.

Though Milano has reconnected with Doherty, her relationship with former co-star McGowan is, well, less than magical. In August of 2020, after clashing on social media over some political tweets, McGowan claimed that Milano made the CharmedSet “toxic AF”