All eyes are on the globe!

JoJo SiwaAnd her mother Jessalynn Siwa set out to create the next big kid pop group, and after months of searching for the perfect triple-threat tweens on the Peacock and CelebHomes series Siwas Dance Pop RevolutionThey have done it. 

CelebHomes will introduce you. XOMG Pop, the music group about to hit the road for a cross-country tour with JoJo herself: Bella Cianni Llerena, 12, Brooklynn Pitts, 11, Dallas Skye Gatson, 10, Kinley Cunningham, 10, Kiya Barczyszyn, 12, Leigha Rose Sanderson14, and Tamara Andreasyan, “Tinie T.”, 10.

XOMG Pop has already recorded several songs and filmed two music videos since wrapping Siwas Dance Pop RevolutionCelebHomes News met with JoJo and Jessalynn to find out about their next plans, which included the January tour.

You’re seeing seven perfect little kids that will be coming along for a bit with me. JoJo spoke during an exclusive chat.