Swindler or reality star?

CelebHomes News is told by a source that Tinder Swindler was the victim. Simon Leviev, is working on a dating show after being banned from the dating app Tinder.

CelebHomes News confirms that Simon has been signed as a manager, although details are yet to be revealed about what the dating show might look like. Gina RodriguezHe has been an executive producer for the company. Mama June: The Difference Between Hot and Not.

Just hours ago, Gina’s verified Instagram account reposted a TMZ video on her Story, teasing Simon’s plans to “sell” his cameos for “$300,” “write a book,” “star in a dating show” and “host a dating podcast.”

Simon is now working on his own series after the Netflix landmark documentary. Tinder Swindler was released on Feb. 2. The explosive movie features: Cecilie Schrøder Fjellhøy Pernilla SjoholmSimon is accused of taking thousands in cash from the women after their first encounter on a dating website. He hasn’t been accused of any crime related to the alleged affair with Cecilie and Pernilla.

In the documentary, women accused Simon of posing as the son of an Israeli diamond magnate named Levi Leviev. He allegedly painted a picture about the enemies he faced in diamond industry by taking his victims out on extravagant dates. According to her accusations in the film, Simon asked Cecilie to open up a credit card in his name for him to use for his safety.