Mary’s religion and her familial ties to the church she inherited from her grandmother RosemaryIt has long been a puzzle to viewers. Especially after Rosemary married Rosemary’s man, a.k.a. Her step-grandfather Robert Cosby Sr.

The ladies are now RHOSLC are starting to ask questions—namely, is Mary running a cult? Lisa is particularly suspicious after one of her friends alleged that he gave the Cosbys around $300,000—which required him to mortgage his house—and later left the church because he was suffering from “extreme religious trauma.” 

As the cast discussed the matter several times, it can’t be pinned down to one particular moment. They will probably continue discussing the subject as the season progresses. 

For Mary’s part, she has fiercely denied the rumors about her and her church. “I’m not God,” she told Lisa in one episode. She said, “I worship God in me.”