Netflix is keeping its true crime fans entertained.

The streaming platform revealed the debut date You Just Killed Your Father, its latest original documentary directed by Skye BorgmanIt is the brain behind A Girl in the Photograph. According to the media release, the new series, premiering Aug. 9, will reexamine the 2019 death of Burt TempletAnthony murdered his father, Claude. 

According to the logline, “Why he did that is a complex question that has profound implications that transcend one family,” This three-episode documentary series examines Anthony’s psyche leading to June 3, 2019, and his journey through the emotional and mental aftermath.

HBO plans to air the documentary in its original form. PrincessThe chronicle of the story is available at Princess DianaThe tragic events that led to her death and the media hype surrounding it. The documentary debuts Aug. 13, just weeks before the 25th anniversary of the fatal car accident that took the lives of Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed.