A speech slayer is born for every award season. This year, that person was this titan of the dais. Troy KotsurThe Best Supporting Actor award was won by, who completed the most important season in his career. CODA, in which he played a career fisherman who’s struggling with letting his hearing daughter, who serves as the entire family’s ears, follow her dreams out of town.

Presenter, and the Best Supporting Actress of last year Youn Yuh-jung Signed the winner and announced him. He was also happy to hand Kotsur the statue as he spoke in ASL. This resulted in a lot of applause and tears from many faces.

It’s amazing to see our movie, CODA, “It has reached out to worldwide,” Kotsur stated through a translator. The message even made it to the White House. His plan was to show the Bidens how to use “dirty signs language”, but Marlee Mattlin told me to behave myself. Marlee: I will not drop any F bombs in my speech.

Matlin, who plays his wife in the film, was the first deaf performer to ever win an acting Oscar, Best Actress for 1986’s Children of a less powerful GodKotsur is the only second.

He also shared that his late father was the best signer he ever knew, before he was paralyzed from the neck down in a car crash and could no longer communicate. Kotsur said, “Dad. I learned so much form you.” “Dad, I learned so much from you,” Kotsur said. Just wanted to let you know that this post is dedicated to C.O.D.A., the deaf community. Community and to the disabled community. “This is our time.”

Wait, you’re crying?! We are also crying!