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It was great to get together with all Clayton EchardPotential suitors at last week’s premiere episode of Season One Bachelor. Clayton’s first date as a lead will be this week, so it is the fun part! Even some celebrities will make an appearance. Hilary Duff, Ziwe FumudohAnd Amanda Jordan. Clayton still has 23 attractive women to choose from, and they will get some quality time with him. 

A new beginning is one of the most exciting parts of any project. The Bachelor Season is full of fashion moments, and there’s plenty to choose from because so many women are on it. If you watching TV, wondering where you can get those same outfits, you’re in luck because we recorded the episode, hit pause, took screenshots, and investigated each and every look so you don’t have to.

This will be updated throughout the episode. Keep on scrolling to see some rose-worthy fashions from Amazon, Billabong, Revolve, Hello Molly, Nordstrom, Net-a-Porter, Sooth Moon Under, Veronica Beard, Shopbop, Nookie, Rowing Blazers, and more.