CelebHomes News – What code names did you use?

MY: Mine was “Red” because the whole season it was this really funny inside joke about how he’s my personal walking red flag. In my phone, it was “Red.” My name then appeared backwards in his phone.

NO: Backwards, yeah. It was backwards that I would spell her name. Then, when I was speaking to friends about Michelle’s visit, they would just tell me “Charles” instead. Then, my stepdad replied, “Yeah. Charles is coming.” For those who didn’t realize, they think that I am hanging out with my stepdad. 

CelebHomes A down payment was made by a couple and they mentioned that you had been looking at houses. Nayte! You’re moving to Minnesota. This has changed your mind about what you wanted.

MY: I don’t know if it changed anything too much, more just kind of really expedited the process by a few months. However, ideal homes are not possible. I believe we have more modern sensibilities. We are comfortable with investing some of our sweat equity in the house, making it ours, adding our little touches. We’ll make it feel homey wherever it is.

NO: We are still in the process of figuring it out, and we will be continuing to search for new information.