3. Was Kat the victim of a scam?

Questions surround Barbie Ferreira‘s character, Kat, who has undergone an evolution for reasons fans can’t understand. The exploration of Kat’s sexuality in the first season was an important and well-received storyline. However, it has been pushed to the sidelines in the recent episodes leaving viewers wondering if something else is going on.

CelebHomes News heard rumors that Sam might have cut Kat’s scene because of a fistfight, but a CelebHomes News source denied these rumors. Since then other theories have emerged, including the idea that Kat no longer feels comfortable with her web cam business or sexuality because she found out Ethan (Austin AbramsSeason one featured a conversation with ), one of her men. The idea was originally suggested by TikTok. However, it took root when Kat split with Austin. She claimed that Kat had a brain disorder.

4. Samantha records Maddy why? Do you think she told her to do it in her own room?

Maddy, in a strange twist of fate, is actually the Maddy.Alexa DemieSamantha (actor) recorded the following:Minka KellyThe mother of Maddy, Maddy’s boy babysits. The closet contained a camera that was barely visible and is conveniently located inside a clock face. 

Although it appears that Samantha may be using the camera to check Maddy’s safety and alert her to possible theft, Reddit suggests other explanations. Some have suggested that Samantha knew Nate was violent and told her to have a camera in her room in case he hurts her, with one person noting there’s a “sign behind Maddy during the Nate scene that said ‘smile you’re on camera.”