15. In 2015, Audrina recalled being in a really bad place after the death of Her aunt, and she let Corey back into her life. When she found out she was pregnant (after sneaking into and out of a store to buy a test without being spotted), Corey was thrilled and herGiven their past relationship, her feelings were mixed. However, soon she was preparing for motherhood and preparing for being a single mother. Kirra was born in June 2016, Audrina scheduling the C-section she needed so it wouldn’t coincide with one of Corey’s BMX tournaments.

16. Corey initially refused to sign a prenuptial agreement, telling Audrina she could go ahead and cancel the wedding if she insisted. She wrote that Corey agreed to sign a prenuptial agreement. didThe couple signed their marriage license and were married in November 2016. Her sister told her the night before that she didn’t have to go through with it, and even when she was walking down the aisle on her father’s arm, Audrina wrote, she wondered at the time if she shouldn’t just cut and run. Soon, she regretted not going ahead.