You can al-waves count on Below DeckCharter guests invited to provide entertainment. 

Whether they’re complaining about every little thing and subsequently causing the crew to go mad or indulging in one too many drinks to ensure a memorable—err, not so memorable—trip, the guests across Bravo and Peacock’s many Below Deck franchises are a vital part of each show. 

And now that fans are about to be introduced to a brand new group of patrons when Below Deck Mediterranean‘s seventh season premieres Monday, July 11, we’re taking the time to look back at the wildest guests yet. Take a look at these thoughts GeorgiaCaptain was the one he wanted to seduce. Lee Rosbach, or the famous ship-jumper Delores

There are also the guests who had no problem hooking up in the crow’s nest, a part of the ship that everyone could see on camera. Surprisingly, that rendezvous wasn’t even the most shocking moment from said Below deck episode!