Find out more Alison BriIt almost ended everything when I fell on the playground.
The May 11th episode of HypochondriActorPodcast. The 37-year-old recalls having a strange accident when she was 7 years old, wherein her head hit concrete.
“I was really small as a child.” [and]”I was running around the playground, not paying attention, when I ran into another girl from my class who was four times larger than me,” she said. CommunityAn alum recalls, adding that her older sibling LaurenI was right there, and helped to get her to the hospital.
As she continued, “As I am walking up to my nurse’s office and I feel a little off it” I clearly suffered from a concussion. “But I didn’t realize this until I was seven-eight. I feel foggy and out of control, but my eyes still work.”
Allison informed the staff that Allison had a different solution because the nurse was out of work for the day.