Alicia SilverstoneThe bond they share with their son is something she appreciates Bear.

The CluelessStar recently spoke out about how she raises her 11-year old daughter. She shares the bed with her ex-husband. Christopher Jarecki.

In a July 19 interview, she said that Bear and her still sleep together. Ellen Fisher Podcast. And I will be fined for saying it. However, I really don’t care.

Alicia stated that Bear is her “natural” parenting method and compared it to keeping the young near them.

“I’m a natural mama. It’s all natural. My love is unconditional. “I believe in love. I believe that nature is beautiful. Our society is terrified of it and afraid of us.” she stated. If you are in a wild environment where animals live, you can put your baby there. It’s dangerous for the baby to go over there.