Alexander LudwigThe wife of a spokesman LaurenShe shares her experiences with loss of pregnancy.

In a May 21 Instagram post, the entrepreneur—who wed the Hunger Games actor in December 2020—said she suffered her third miscarriage. 

“I debated about whether or not I should post about it, but ultimately decided to share the truth with everyone,” she said. Last week, @alexanderludwig had her third miscarriage.

Lauren indicated that she wanted to create a dialogue in order to let other women who are experiencing loss during pregnancy know they’re not the only ones.   

“I chose to share it because I do not think it is shameful to discuss,” she said. I want others to see how common miscarriages can be and not feel ashamed about them. This has helped me to realize that I am certainly not the only one going through it. This is a common problem, yet it’s rarely discussed enough. These things would be less lonely and more common if we all talked about them. Information is power, and I would like to share more.