“We were a very, extremely, you know, well-oiled team shooting a film together, then this horrible incident happened,” he stated. “Now, I have been told many times that I shouldn’t comment on the ongoing investigation. I cannot. I can’t.”

Alec described the shooting as a “tragic accident” in a previous statement. Halyna survived by her husband. Matthew HutchinsTheir 9-year old son, and Cathy Andros. The actor was photographed walking alongside the two after her passing.

On Saturday, one of the members of the paparazzi asked the actor about his recent meeting with “her family.” The journalist replied that he didn’t know her name. Hilaria commented, “Halyna! Her name was Halyna! You should know her name if you spend so much time waiting for us. Her name is Halyna.

“You don’t know her name?” Come on,” Alec said. “Halyna Huschins. I met with her husband. Matthew, and her child, yes, that’s correct.”

Hilaria interrupted him after he started to talk about Halyna’s relatives and said to them, “You guys know what, no detail.” Alec assured Hilaria that he would answer the questions.