Alabama Barker She has switched from blond to blue.

Alabama posted an Instagram picture on March 21st showing her new appearance while taking some selfies. Jodie Woods, Jordyn Woods‘ younger sister. Alabama wore a black mesh corset and brightly colored hair, as well as a long, tan-colored, mesh collar. Jodie wore a white T-shirt and white puffer jacket, as well as a purse in white. Jodie captioned her selfies, “I.T. girls.”

Alabama posted a different photo on March 19 showing her hair in a new style. In the caption of her post, Alabama mentioned that she had changed her hair color. She wrote, “Only doing those things will make me elevate Hair at @thehairproject_la.”

To show their appreciation, followers took to her March 19 posting’s comment section to praise it. Another user said, “This hair is amazing!” A second user said, “Rockstarrr.”

The blue isn’t something Alabama has tried before, but it seems like it might be a new color. She wore pink hair in July before returning to her usual blonde.