Three men were convicted of the felony murder of an unidentified victim. Ahmaud Arbery.

Tuesday, November 24, saw a almost all-white jury convict Travis McMichaelOf malice murder and felony murder. 

His father Gregory McMichaelThey and their neighbour William Bryan, “Roddie”.they were found not guilty of the highest charge of malice murder. Now, all will spend the rest of their lives in prison.

Bryan and McMichaels (both of whom are white) followed Arbery in his pickup truck on Feb. 23, 2020. They spotted him running through their Georgia neighborhood.

Travis McMichael was close to Arbery when he shot him with a shotgun. Bryan filmed the fatal encounter on his cell phone. Before video footage was published, the case did not make it to national news.

Arbery’s mother, told reporters shortly after the announcement that Arbery had been convicted.

“It was a hard fight. “It’s been an intense fight.” Wanda Cooper-JonesNBC News shared this. I didn’t see this happening in 2020. This day was not in my plans. God is great.”