Oh my god, AdeleIt has been done again.

Just recently, the 33-year old singer released the music video to her new single “Oh My God,” from her new album. 30.

In the edgy video, which debuted Jan. 12, Adele serves up a Snow White vibe, wearing a vibrant red ballgown, styled with bold red lipstick and matching silver teardrop necklace, rings and earrings. 

At one point, her dancers jump over flaming chairs and show their moves on a mattress, while she holds onto an apple. The video ends with her taking a bite.

Adele’s fourth studio album was her fifth. “Oh My God,” her dance-pop tune, first appeared as the fifth song. It details her love-loss journey and eventual acceptance of her husband after their 2019 divorce. Simon Konecki.

An interview with AudacyGrammy-winner, Alicia Keys revealed the track is about the “first time that I literally left my house since my anxiety and stuff such as that had subsided.”