Adele and Rich Paul Just Took the Next Step in Their Relationship

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Hello from the other side—well, from across the pond to be specific.
Almost four months after Adele Rich Paul had fans rolling in the deep when they went public with their romance, the two have taken the next big step in their relationship: flying to Adele’s native home of the U.K. together as a couple.
They were out for a quick date on November 3 in London. The singer wore a black blazer paired with dark-colored wide-legged trousers, while her other half wore a rust-colored jacket paired and black pants. Grammy Winner is here to prep for her performance at the London Palladium next Wednesday.
The singer will perform the concert in U.K. for the first time in 4 years. It will also be ITV’s special. Adele’s AudienceOn Nov. 21,

Recent sightings of Rich and Adele together prove that everything is going smoothly between them. CelebHomes News exclusively learned that Rich and Adele are in love, according to a close source. “Their relationship has grown more serious over the past few months,” the source said.