It’s not a happy ending for 28 people, with 13 different men proposing and 11 other times. 

An exclusive sneak peek at TLC’s new reality series Addict to marriage, premiering Tuesday, Nov. 16, shows Monette All 11 of them (! She recalled all 11 of her exhusbands. What was the man she loved? To whom was it “I do” twice? 

Monette confesses, “My first husband was someone I met in high school.” “I had told my sister that I would marry him, and I got married two months later.”

She continues, “My second husband. We had a lot fun together. But we were divorced, and we believed we could get it done so I got married to him again.” 

Each ex was unique, as each one had its own charm. “Husband number 4, he had kids and I loved him.” He had great children,” Monette reflects. “Number five was definitely one of my greatest loves. Sixth husband. He seemed kind and gentle so I got married to him. Then I got married again to him.”