Abigail BreslinShe is currently grieving her father’s death this holiday season.  

The Christmas Eve Parade is Zombieland In an emotional blog post, actress 25 spoke out about the holiday-grief season. She also shared her feelings about losing her father. Michael BreslinInstagram. 

Breslin’s dad, who was 78 years old and had COVID-19 complications, died in February. 

In a Notes app screenshot, Breslin called the holiday “a weird one for me,” adding, “I love the holiday season and am so thankful I get to spend it with my mom, my brothers, my friends and my boyfriend… It’s truly a blessing. It’s difficult to believe that I cannot call my dad and wish him a Merry Christmas, or gift him a certificate for a great steakhouse. 

She described grief in a “tricky little monstrosity” and stated that some days were harder than others since the passing of her father.