Abbott Elementary Although it may not accurately portray what it is like to teach, it does a great job of representing the queer community.

This was important to the show’s star Quinta Brunson, who insisted on having at least one gay character in the ABC sitcom—we say at least one, because somebody else didn’t make the cut. She explained that there was an original character who was gay, but she was told by the network that we were too full. The Hollywood Reporter Aug. 8. “I [thought]It was right. I really didn’t want to not have a queer character on my show—I just don’t think that’s realistic.”

They made Jacob and he was played by Chris Perfetti, the show’s sole gay lead, and his sexual identity is deliberately introduced casually, when he mentions his boyfriend (who later makes appearances in the series). Quinta said that this seemed like the best choice. “I wanted my audience to feel the same way as I did.”