OriginalsFans, it’s time to start panicking about this! FangtasticNews!

That’s right, Rebekah Mikaelson is back and ready for her debut on Legacies. TV Line made the announcement Monday, 9th November. Claire Holt will be reprising her role as Hope’s aunt on the Nov.11 episode of the CW supernatural series. Holt returns three years later than the series’ finale. Originals In 2018. Rebekah’s return to Mystic falls has been long anticipated.

If you need to refresh your memory, LegaciesBoth are a result of each Vampire Diaries And The OriginalsThis is the original version. Created and maintained by Julie PlecStars of teen drama Danielle Rose Russell Kaylee Bryant Jenny Boyd Aria ShahghasemiAnd Matthew DavisIt is currently on its fourth season. 

In a first look photo of the episode, a cross-armed Hope (Russell) stands with her aunt at a bar—and they couldn’t be more related. They are both wearing leather jackets and they look out into the distance.