It is difficult to shock doctors. Terry Dubrow Paul Nassif

But, this is what a new patient needs. KaitlynWhen she tells them her story in the sneak preview clip of tonight’s new all-new Botched.

She says, “It has been 2 years since the accident.” I was going on a floating trip. The rope swings were quite high and I was able to fall off. My fall was approximately 10-15 feet long and my left knee hit a rock ledge.

“It obviously burst open your skin, right?” Dr. Dubrow says that the injury is still a concern for now. Dr. Dubrow responds, “And you broke your kneebone?”

Yes and yes, meaning she had an open fracture, which is a type three injury. According to Dr. Dubrow, this is “the most severe because not only is the bone broken but the skin’s open, so you have immediate contamination…More than third of people who suffer contaminated open fractures of their extremities will lose that extremity.”