The WitcherDiversifying its Army

Robbie AmellPrime Video’s Star, – UploadFormer favorite The Flash, has joined the cast for season three of the medieval saga, CelebHomes News can exclusively reveal.

Amell will play Gallatin, a “born fighter” who “leads an army of guerrilla Scoia’tael fighting on behalf of Nilfgaard. Gallatin is not afraid to tell his truth and his loyalty to his people eventually leads him to a collision course (with Francesca).Mecia SimsonNetflix says that he prefers power to ().

The Witcher—which stars Henry CavillFreya Allan Anya Chalotra—recently began production on its third season. 

Season three’s newcomers will join Amell Meng’er Zhang, Hugh Skinner Christelle Elwin.

Zhang, who made her on-screen debut in Shang-Chi, the Seven Rings, will play Milva, a human adopted by the dryads of Brokilon Forest, whose “archery skills coupled with a stone-cold aptitude for survival make her a formidable adversary in the unforgiving Continent—those that cross her, do so at their peril,” said the streamer.