Did you ever play in sunny days with your friends? Yeah, so do we.

Nickelodeon began transporting children to a fictional island in 1994. Gullah Gullah Island. A couple in real life Ron  Natalie Daise, the series—based on the West African culture Gullah Geechee—taught preschoolers about family, sea critters and kindness through song and dance. Binyah Binyah, a five-foot polliwog was a great help.

But perhaps more importantly, the show allowed its young viewers to feel represented in a TV landscape that didn’t always reflect how the world looked. Unknown to most, many of the songs and stories featured in were not available for viewing at home. Gullah Gullah IslandThese were the real lives of Ron & Natalie. They even had children SimeonAnd SaraEvery role was important!

Although they made their last bows in 1998, their family continues to educate the world through art.

So, just put your foot in your hand—that means hurry up—because CelebHomes News sat down with the South Carolina-based couple and you don’t want to miss the good things that they’ve shared.