Abbi Jacobson has hit a home run when it comes to love.

This actress co-created the show and is featured in Amazon Prime Video. A League of Their Own TV series is engaged to partner Jodi Balfour after nearly two years of dating.

On Aug. 4, the couple walked the red carpet hand-in-hand at a Cinespia screening for the original film’s 30th anniversary in Los Angeles, with Abbi wearing a noticeable sparkly ring on This finger. The Broad City alum later confirmed the happy news to People and celebrated with her co-stars.

“Abbi’s engaged! Abbi’s engaged! Abbi’s engaged!” Chanté Adams gushed to the outlet. We’ve had it to conceal for…No, we’re kidding. 

She blushed and replied: “No, not you. That is why you didn’t have to cover it up. This was not the case. This was no secret.”

Abbi’s co-star and friend of 15 years D’Arcy Carden added, “It’s out. It’s great. We are so glad. We love [Jodi].”