Tatyana has one twisted story to tell the Botched docs. 

It starts to unfold in this sneak peek of the all-new episode, airing tonight, Feb. 15, with the first-time patient explaining that she initially sought out plastic surgery after having two children. 

“I just wanted a lift an areola reduction,” Tatyana tells Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul NassifIn the video. “So I was like. Let’s venture out to Mexico.”

Much to her surprise, the doctor Tatyana met with told her she couldn’t just get a lift “because your breasts are gonna look ugly,” she recalls him saying before he recommended she also get implants, a tummy tuck and liposuction. 

So, she did. “He got me good,” Tatyana says, admitting that she spent around $6,000 in total.

This is Dr. Dubrow’s first reaction. “Okay, this is basically a WTF, or what the f–k, moment and I’ll tell you why,” he says in a confessional. To take an impoverished 20-year-old and have him come in for one procedure, then add more is unacceptable. unbelievablyNot cool. The only thing to describe this is “predatory.”