90 Day FiancéAlum Caroline Schwitzky is lucky to be alive.

The reality star—who appeared on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?As of 2016, Paola Mayfield‘s talent agent—survived an alleged murder attempt by her boyfriend Cole GoldbergCelebHomes News obtained a police report.

According to authorities, Goldberg and Schwitzy had a heated argument on April 24th that escalated into physical violence while aboard a boat for Boca Bash. The event was held in Palm Beach. The police report states that the responding officer was Dillan Hudson said he was waved down by bystanders who told him they had brought Schwitzky onto their boat for her safety.

Upon arrival, Husdon said he noticed a woman in a red bikini—later identified as Schwitzky—arguing with a male, who was later identified as Goldberg.

After interviewing witnesses, Hudson said Schwitzky and Goldberg—who had been dating for about a year—began arguing on a boat before he “grabbed her by the throat with both hands attempting to strangle her.”